We are partners in “Korupcja – wszyscy tracimy” project

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We are happy to announce our partnership in project “Corruption – we all lose” (“Korupcja – wszyscy tracimy” in Polish).

More details about it:

Project No. 2015-2PL01KA347-017325 funded by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FDES) National Agency ERASMUS +.

It runs from 01-09-2015 to 01-05-2017.

The project concerns the problem of corruption involving young people who are willing to participate in organized meetings where they can learn how you should behave when faced with corruption, how to prevent corruption, where to report such events and how to behave assertively.

It also intends to develop the principles of youth cooperation with decision-makers, to show the potential of young people, their capabilities and to develop useful solutions in this regard.

Who is invited to participate:

The participants of the project are young people aged 15-30 years, learning or working.

All project activities have been planned on the basis of consultation and brainstorming of young participants of the project.

The project will consist of following activities:

1. Internet research for young people aged 15-30 on corruption, its perception and ways to eliminate this phenomenon.

2. Three debates with decision-makers and experts from the 6 areas where there is still corruption – health service, police, sports, education (universities), municipal police, public transport (controllers).

3. Media debate with the participation of politicians, policy makers, experts on youth, about how to prevent corruption and regulations optimized to eliminate this problem.

4. Three happenings involving young people and representatives of various communities, the authorities – it is a very effective method of reaching out to young people, to show the problem.

5. Two flash mobs in the form and locations developed in the course of the project – these events will be created by the young Internet users, organized in the internet. They will choose the place. The event will promote the project, slogan KWT.

6. Competition for the slogan and poster on fighting corruption will be announced on the Internet and on social networks.

7. The Conference summarizing the project and actions.

Executor of the project:
Stowarzyszenie Instytut Nowych Technologii
ul. Sienkiewicza 55
90-009 Łódź
Tel. 42 632 27 20
Fax. 42 631 11 14

Contact person:
Karolina Jóźwiak, e-mail: jozwiak@newtechlodz.com, tel. 605 420 320.