New ecological project “Rebirth Our Earth”

The main purpose of the project is to ensure that young people gain awareness at an early age and find solutions to humaninduced climate change, which causes significant problems worldwide. Within the light of this goal our objectives are as follows:

  • 🌱 To promote the protection and conservation of the environment
  • ⚡️ To help YOUNG LEARNERS learn about cleaner energy sources and use modern equipment and technology in place of the ones considered as harmful.
  • 💪 To assist organisations create a European network to work together
  • 🤔 To help YOUNG LEARNERS acquire a set of values for environmental protection and become more respectful citizens.

In addition partner organisations will build new capacity to increase the numbers of international projects, increase the quality of their future projects, educate a (new) generation of “youth workers/trainers/teachers” within the organizations, create new contacts, gain new ideas for future innovative projects in the long-term.