Safe and Drug Free

The Cre-Active Association began the implementation of the EU project „Safe and Drug Free” in January 2024 under the Erasmus+ program, specifically in the youth education sector.

The main goal is to develop innovative tools for youth workers who engage with young people affected by drug addiction or at risk of addiction. These tools will effectively prepare them to address drug-related issues with youth, covering topics such as the dangers of addiction, methods to overcome these dangers, where to find help, and how to support at-risk youth. Participants will learn about real drug dangers, potential consequences, ways to establish contact with at-risk youth, and how to assist peers who are at risk or already addicted. Another aspect of the project focuses on the digital well-being of adult trainers and learners, aiming to equip them with strategies to counter misinformation, fake news, and the challenges posed by new technologies.

These objectives aim to enhance the quality of youth work, promote the inclusion of at-risk youth, prevent addiction among young people, and foster both physical and mental health. Simultaneously, the project will support youth education and personal development.

Throughout the project, we will create:

  • New, online, and interactive resources for youth workers to acquire the latest knowledge on preventing drug use among young people.
  • 8 workshop scenarios that youth workers can conduct with young people.
  • A self-learning directory containing information on drug prevention and methods for engaging with young people.
  • An instructive educational film.

Additionally, we will organize:

  • Five workshops for youth workers covering drugs, their effects, legislative systems, and their impacts on mental, physical, and social health.
  • Three improvisation workshop sessions using real-life scenarios, enabling youth workers to learn and practice communication techniques related to drugs and addiction.

The participating organizations are:

Cre-Active Association, Łódź, Poland – Coordinator

Ampersant, Skopje, North Macedonia

IOVA, Aydın, Turkey

For more information, please visit the project website: