About us

Cre-Active is a new association consisting of young, creative people who want to make their actions influence on the surrounding environment. Currently it has 30 members, aged 13-28 years, therefore the association has diverse views on local social issues.

All members share a common passion: the use of new technologies in life and work and a desire to help others. Thanks to this unusual combination the organization is able to offer a new, non-standard approach to regional development.

The main objective is to promote and activate young people, as well as disadvantaged groups. In addition, Cre-Active ambition is to promote entrepreneurship and development of innovative teaching methods, practice of learning throughout whole life.

By organizing training, conferences, courses, workshops, symposia, association wants to improve the skills and competencies of their members and supporters. Those interested will have the opportunity to get professional consultancy in the field of European Union funds and other grants. In order to reach the target group, the organization will collaborate with other institutions and associations, as well as conduct the publication of promotional, informational and training materials, mainly in electronic form. Affiliated persons connected with modern technologies, will create applications facilitating the work and life of members and supporters of the association.

The members are experts in mobile applications software – most of them prepared several applications that have been available.