Project “Academy of Digital Wellbeing”

The Cre-Active Association in January 2022 started the implementation of the EU project “Academy of Digital Wellbeing ” under the Erasmus + program, adult education sector.

The main theme of the project is digital wellbeing of the adult trainers and learners- sometimes people do not know how to defend themselves from the misinformation, fake news and ubiquitous new technologies.

A trainer who is better prepared for his or her on-line work is more effective in transferring his or her knowledge and his or her adult audience receives a better quality education.

The long-term goal of the project is to better prepare trainers from NGOs to conduct remote education with adults, as well as to improve their digital well-being, which will result in more effective work in an online environment.

During the project we will create:

  • a test and diagnosis of infoobecity phenomena with 30 questions. The test will help adult trainers to check their knowledge about information management and their current diagnosis of online behavior.
  • a new, innovative @Academy Digital Wellbeing training curriculum for adult trainers to improve on-line classes conducted by them, but also moderate online time and information management and recognize fake news
  • self-learning guide “Digital wellbeing in adult education” for adult trainers and adult learners

During the project we will organize:

  • One edition of pilot training @Academy for trainers in Poland, Estonia and Portugal
  • 3 multiplier events in each partner country with at least 40 participants per country – to increase the level
    of understanding for digital wellbeing and promote results of the project.

Partners in the project:

  1. Cre-Active Association, Łódź, Poland –co-ordinator
  2. Previform, Ponte de Lima, Portugal
  3. EESTI PEOPLE TO PEOPLE, Tallinn, Estonia

Please visit the project website for more information: